Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 Months!

Already a third of the way to 1 year, O - M - G! Truly, she is growing up too fast! I need this to slow down, seriously. She had her shots on Tuesday and she did wonderfully. She took them like a big girl and only cried after the initial poke for both of them. I'm not going to lie, she did let out some seriously loud cry and her entire face went beat red but as soon as they were done, the nurse distracted her with some noisy toys and all was well in the world again. I love this little girl so much, it just breaks my heart that she has to get these every few months. In other news, at our last pedi appointment we were told we could go ahead and start her on solids this month. Well, we decided to wait until at least 5 months as we aren't ready, and she seems to be getting enough from my breastmilk for the time being. Now, onto the fun stuff.This month, Bri is:
  • Weighing in at 15lbs, 7oz & 26in (87th & 97th percentiles)
  • Constantly smiling, laughing and cooing to everyone and anything
  • Moved up to 3-6 month clothing, with the exception of some 0-3 which still fit and wearing 6 month sleepers because she is just so long!
  • Sleeping more and more in her crib
  • Can now pick up toys and put them directly into her mouth. It needs to be tasted before she can decide if she likes it don't you know ;)
  • Laughs every now and then, still not a regular occurrence, but squeals all the time... I must not be hilarious enough for her
  • Still loves her baths and going in the pool. She is my little water baby
  • Can do "crunches". She likes to lay on her back and bring her head up and forward, looks like she is doing crunches and her tummy muscles are all tight. She's going to have a 6 pack by the time she's a year old!
  • Is able to sit up for a couple seconds while supporting herself before she starts to topple over. Pretty sure she will be sitting all on her own pretty soon.
  • Will stand if you hold onto her hands and will take a couple steps before her legs give out on her...scary!!! I am not ready for this!
And now for the monthly pictures!

She quickly got bored with the picture taking and started to roll around in the chair. I had to take the last picture once we were back home from the cottage. She was all smiles for that one. It's getting harder and harder to get decent, non-blurry pictures of her with all the moving she does.

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