Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Shower #1

On Monday the wonderful ladies that I work with threw me a baby shower. There was delicious food and cake and sparkling grape juice. All the women who have babies themselves brought them along and it was so nice to see those little cute boys growing up so quickly. The oldest is 17 months and the youngest was just under 4 months old. It's crazy how fast time flies by, I remember when all these ladies were just pregnant and now their little boys are growing up!

I got lots of cute little outfits for our princess, as well as some much needed borrowed items. The one lady is lending us her Baby Bjorn which is great as I really wanted one but couldn't see myself spending over $75 on something that will only last until the baby is about 25 lbs. The other lady lent me her portable bassinet/changing table which is in absolutely perfect condition. I am excited for this one as I can use it in the living room until we buy/are given our pack 'n play. I also got some gift certificates for the baby boutique here in town as well as some baby care items.

I was really surprised by the generosity of these ladies, it was a great time and I truly do miss working with them every day. It will be nice to have this built in support system for when I have Brianna, I can ask them anything and they can give me answers to my questions.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at the shower, I was too busy talking and playing with the little babies. My next shower is on the 9th and it is one my friends are throwing. I will take lots of pictures at that one and post them afterwards!

Friday, March 26, 2010

What's Left?

This is more a reminder to myself of what still needs to be done before Brianna arrives. I am hoping to get alot of this out of the way either at my baby showers or right after, I don't want to be running around after she comes trying to pick up all the last minute things.

For the nursery:
- crib bedding (in progress)
- mattress
- changing pad & covers
- diaper genie
- cushions for glider
- bathing accessories (tub, shampoo/bodywash, lotion, washcloths, towels)
- diaper changing accessories (diaper rash cream, baby powder)
- baskets (for dresser/changing area and bookshelf)
- table lamp
- burp cloths and swaddling blankets
- baby size hangers for closet, as well as closet dividers & hanging storage
- all decorations

Baby Gear:
- bouncer
- pack 'n play
- swing
- primary stroller
- exersaucer
- bumbo seat
- breastfeeding pillow

- take home outfit
- long sleeve onesies
- cute dresses for church
- baby shoes
- more sleep gowns

- breast pump
- breastmilk storage bags
- nipple cream
- vitamin D drops
- breast pads

I am sure there are tons more I am forgetting but this is the list I can come up with for right now. Fingers crossed we get everything that is necessary done in time. I understand that decorating the nursery isn't a necessity, but it would be great if things were all in order and we could come home to a somewhat finished baby room.

My mother called me yesterday and told me she had done 3 loads of laundry of my old baby clothes and was sending them all to me. She told me one of the outfits within the stuff she is sending cost her $200 at the time, seriously?? And I thought I had expensive taste! At least I know where I get it ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

36 Weeks!

* How far along?: 36 weeks, 4 weeks to go! (or 28 days left!)
* Total weight gain: Not the slightest idea
* How big is baby?: 18.5 inches & 6 lbs
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Clint's sweat pants and t-shirts around the house, nothing really fits me for going out anymore :(
* Stretch marks?: Still the same
* Sleep?: Surprisingly good. I have cut out any liquids a good 3 hours before bed and have not woken in the night so far this week to get up and pee. Also, my hip pain has calmed down a bit :)
* Best moment this week? I bought the car seat on Tuesday.

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I am now officially on Mat Leave! I was able to meet up with friends for coffee a couple times and it was so nice to not worry that I needed to be back at work within the hour!
* Movement?: LOTS OF STRONG MOVEMENT! She wants out!
* Food cravings?: Strawberries and ice cold water
* Labor signs?: Cramping here and there, something is happening in there
* Belly button in or out?: Same as previous week
* What I miss: Weirdly enough, being at work
* What I'm looking forward to: The second and last prenatal class Saturday morning, my work baby shower on Monday and my last 2 baby showers on Friday and Sunday of next week being thrown by friends and family back home. I would also love to go and get a pedicure & manicure before babe makes her appearance, as well as get my hair done, it is looking a little rough these days!
* Words of Wisdom: Nothing to report this week

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Saturday Afternoon EVER!

Pre-natal massages are HEAVENLY! I went for my very first ever massage on Saturday afternoon and I had never felt better. The massage itself lasted 45 minutes, and it was the best 45 minutes I have had in a very long time :)

The masseuse had the most soft hands and got rid of all my knots in my back. She was also able to get rid of all the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. I felt like a new woman. Just seeing how normal my feet looked afterwards and feeling more relaxed than ever was worth the wait. With the last few weeks being like they were, I really needed this. (Post to follow about my hospital stays and visits.)

I was so nervous to book my appointment as I thought it would be too early in the pregnancy when I wouldn't really need it or too late where the baby would come and I wouldn't be able to enjoy this gift. Clint had purchased the massage for me as one of my Christmas presents, so I was holding on to it for a very long time just waiting to actually use it. Honestly, one of the best presents I have ever gotten!

Now all I need to do is book my pedicure and get my hair done before the babe makes her arrival.

Nursery Update

This past weekend, Clinton was able to finish up the painting and get all the furniture set up. It is amazing how different the room looks now that things are out of the boxes and all set up. We still need to get a few things in order to have the room ready for when Brianna arrives.

I am happy though for how last minute we are how great it already looks. Obvious things that are missing in there are:
- crib mattress
- baby bedding
- changing pad and covers
- baskets for cubbies on shelf unit
- table lamp
- cushions for glider
- all decorations

The closet is currently full with all sorts of stuff but I don't want to take any of it out until those above mentioned things are bought and put out. I will be buying the car seat either this afternoon or tomorrow morning depending on my energy level which is quickly crashing. Here are some pictures of the nursery in its current state.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

35/35 :)

* How far along?: 35 weeks, 5 weeks to go! (or 35 days left!)
* Total weight gain: Lost a couple the last few weeks with being sick
* How big is baby?: 18 inches & 5 1/2lbs
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: They seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Thank goodness I have been home sick so I can wear Clinton's large track pants and t-shirts around the house.
* Stretch marks?: Still the same
* Sleep?: Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. All I do is stir around from either hip pain or my mind racing and I also get up to pee every hour. I guess the positive is I will be good to go once Brianna gets here :)
* Best moment this week? The crib came in! Clint set it up and it looks wonderful in there. I can't wait to get the bedding from my Dad and his girlfriend. Also, we got a bunch of girly stuff from The Bay after getting out of the hospital (thanks Clint) like clothes, swaddlers, some bottles, things like that.
* Movement?: All the time, and it is sooooo strong now
* Food cravings?: Strawberries! I have gone through 3 large clamshells in the last couple days, I just can't get enough, they are so sweet and delicious
* Labor signs?: No, stay away for at least another 2 weeks please
* Belly button in or out?: Pretty much popped out now, and depending where baby is or how much I just ate, it can be flat too
* What I miss: Getting outside, being at work and talking to people other than my cats all day. Being sick is no fun!
* What I'm looking forward to: First off getting better, then we have a prenatal class on Saturday morning, the first of 2 so that should be fun.
* Words of Wisdom: When you are sick, take the time to get better. Pretending you are better before you are does not turn out very well.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stressful Tuesday

I had my 32 week appointment on Tuesday where I met my new doctor. This will be doctor number 4 in the last year and a half. He seemed great, except for when he started feeling around for the baby. OMG, I am used to small lady doctor hands that I can hardly feel pressure from. I was in pain the entire time while he pushed on my belly and tried to see where the baby was lying. Good news, the baby is head down. Fingers crossed she stays that way.

After that he moved on to checking the heartbeat. After what seemed like a lifetime, he told me that he was concerned as it was around 181 bpm...a whole lot higher than what it should be. I freaked right out. He told me after the appointment to head right over to Labour and Delivery to be monitored and have a non stress test.

I headed over with Clint right away and we waited for a room which never happened. They ended up placing me on a bed in the corner of their waiting room with just a curtain pulled. I was offered something to drink and told to relax. Clint was beyond nervous and couldn't take his eyes off the monitor watching how fast baby's heartbeat was. After about 15 minutes, the nicest nurse in the world came over to check on me and let us know that all seemed fine from this point. Brianna was most probably just being active and moving around when he took the heartbeat...makes sense, I felt so much movement while laying there after his painful pushing on the belly. We got to leave after 30 minutes knowing everything was fine, such a relief! I was not ready to have a baby that day, and so glad I didn't have to. :)

33 Weeks Pregnant

* How far along?: 33 weeks, 7 weeks to go!
* Total weight gain: Too much in my opinion
* How big is baby?: 17 1/2 inches and 4 1/2 lbs
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Obviously
* Stretch marks?: Still the same
* Sleep?: I'm getting up almost every hour to pee now. I go to bed so thirsty because I'm afraid to drink anything as 10 minutes later I will need to pee
* Best moment this week? I finally got my bows!! They came in the mail this afternoon and are just so much cuter and tinier in person :)
* Movement?: All the time
* Food cravings?: Water!
* Labor signs?: No No No!
* Belly button in or out?: Shallow innie.
* What I miss: Definitely energy this week. It takes me so much more sleep to feel rested these days
* What I'm looking forward to: Buying the car seat and stroller. We finally decided on the BOB and Peg Perego car seat. So not what I had in mind from the beginning, but after testing the BOB, it pushes like a dream, so light!
* Words of Wisdom: Don't over stress about things, it just isn't healthy.

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I look so uncomfortable in the picture, I feel like I have grown so much in the last couple days. My belly is tighter than ever!