Thursday, March 25, 2010

36 Weeks!

* How far along?: 36 weeks, 4 weeks to go! (or 28 days left!)
* Total weight gain: Not the slightest idea
* How big is baby?: 18.5 inches & 6 lbs
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Clint's sweat pants and t-shirts around the house, nothing really fits me for going out anymore :(
* Stretch marks?: Still the same
* Sleep?: Surprisingly good. I have cut out any liquids a good 3 hours before bed and have not woken in the night so far this week to get up and pee. Also, my hip pain has calmed down a bit :)
* Best moment this week? I bought the car seat on Tuesday.

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I am now officially on Mat Leave! I was able to meet up with friends for coffee a couple times and it was so nice to not worry that I needed to be back at work within the hour!
* Movement?: LOTS OF STRONG MOVEMENT! She wants out!
* Food cravings?: Strawberries and ice cold water
* Labor signs?: Cramping here and there, something is happening in there
* Belly button in or out?: Same as previous week
* What I miss: Weirdly enough, being at work
* What I'm looking forward to: The second and last prenatal class Saturday morning, my work baby shower on Monday and my last 2 baby showers on Friday and Sunday of next week being thrown by friends and family back home. I would also love to go and get a pedicure & manicure before babe makes her appearance, as well as get my hair done, it is looking a little rough these days!
* Words of Wisdom: Nothing to report this week

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