Monday, March 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Saturday Afternoon EVER!

Pre-natal massages are HEAVENLY! I went for my very first ever massage on Saturday afternoon and I had never felt better. The massage itself lasted 45 minutes, and it was the best 45 minutes I have had in a very long time :)

The masseuse had the most soft hands and got rid of all my knots in my back. She was also able to get rid of all the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. I felt like a new woman. Just seeing how normal my feet looked afterwards and feeling more relaxed than ever was worth the wait. With the last few weeks being like they were, I really needed this. (Post to follow about my hospital stays and visits.)

I was so nervous to book my appointment as I thought it would be too early in the pregnancy when I wouldn't really need it or too late where the baby would come and I wouldn't be able to enjoy this gift. Clint had purchased the massage for me as one of my Christmas presents, so I was holding on to it for a very long time just waiting to actually use it. Honestly, one of the best presents I have ever gotten!

Now all I need to do is book my pedicure and get my hair done before the babe makes her arrival.

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