Thursday, December 31, 2009

Possible Decision on Baby Bedding

So for weeks and weeks I was pretty sure I wanted to go with the Serena and Lily "Kate" bedding. Hubbs seemed to like it as well. Then out of nowhere, I decide to hop back on their site to see if there is anything that I like better. Low and behold, they have a new set called "Natasha" which I love and now I am confused. Hubbs doesn't like the peacocks so I guess that one is out of the question, but my oh my is it ever pretty!

With being 24 weeks today, I am getting pretty nervous about not having all things figured out yet. I need to get on the ordering and start buying everything we need, I have 4 months, give or take a week or so. Ahhhh!!

Anyways, here is the Serena and Lily "Kate" set I am so in love with.

24 Weeks and V-Day!!!

* How far along?: 24 weeks and celebrating V Day!!
* Total weight gain: At my doctor's appointment yesterday I was up 1.2 lbs from 4 weeks ago
* How big is baby?: 12 inches and 1 1/3 lbs, Woot!
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Yes, and I bought some more cute stuff on sale Boxing Day
* Stretch marks?: Fingers crossed I continue on the no stretch mark train
* Sleep?: A little better this week. I actually managed to sleep through the night twice this week, without waking up for a pee break...Yay me!
* Best moment this week? Reaching V-Day today and being told after my freak out the last couple days, the doctor telling me all is well with baby.
* Movement?: All the time and now I am also feeling stretching which caused the freak out mentioned above
* Food cravings?: Lemons, chinese food and sushi
* Labor signs?: None
* Belly button in or out?: Still stretching
* What I miss: Seeing as tomorrow is New Years, I miss champagne :(
* What I'm looking forward to: New Years Eve tomorrow night.
* Words of Wisdom: Do not let google diagnose you, talk to your doctor.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wonderful Christmas!

This year we had a great Christmas that was just the 2 of us. We slept in, were lazy and just spent lots of time together on our days off.

I also got lots of great gifts from hubbs. He bought me a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage which I am so excited to go to. I've had a sore back for the last few weeks and that will be amazing to have someone rub me down and get rid of all the kinks! He also got me some bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner, body butter and some other nice things. I managed to get him everything he wanted which was easy, he isn't hard to shop for. My MIL sent me the remaining pieces to my Willow Tree Nativity Set which made me real happy.

Now about baby, we got some cute things for our little one for when she arrives. My mom sent her a quilt and knitted sweater with hat. So cute! She also told me that she will be sending a couple boxes of all my really nice baby clothing from when I was a newborn, I am very excited to get all of that.

I can't believe how fast time has gone by, we really need to get on ordering furniture and bedding and everything else! I will be 6 months on Thursday and am just amazed that in around 4 months there will be someone else joining our family!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

22 Week Survey!

* How far along?: 22 weeks!
* Total weight gain: No idea, and honestly, with the holidays here and there being sweets out everywhere I go, I don't really want to know!
* How big is baby?: 11 inches and 1 lb!! Holy cow this baby is growing like CRAZY!
* Sex: Girl! :)
* Maternity clothes?: Heck yes!
* Stretch marks?: Still nothing
* Sleep?: Horrible! This week one of my cats decided that at 1am and 3am he would meow outside our bedroom door until I get up and play with him. Not cool Bob.
* Best moment this week? Tomorrow is the weekend!! One more work Christmas party and then some time to relax.
* Movement?: Getting more and more and not just at night.
* Food cravings?: Sweets and fresh lemons!
* Labor signs?: Nope
* Belly button in or out?: Looking weirder and weirder every day.
* What I miss: A nice cold glass of White Wine!
* What I'm looking forward to: Getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done this week. Finally.
* Words of Wisdom: Hormones have a mind of their own.

Please ignore the gross outfit/look on my face, I had just been woken up.

Friday, November 27, 2009

21 Week Survey!

I realize I am not the best at updating, I have been a little under the weather lately. I really need to stick with this so I can look back on it later.

* How far along?: 21 weeks!
* Total weight gain: Too much I think, the nurse who weighed me at my appointment on Monday made a point to ask me what I have been eating, not good!
* How big is baby?: 7 inches and 10-11 ounces
* Sex: Girl! :)
* Maternity clothes?: I am hating the clothes I have, I think it is time to put in an order online at the Gap, I need some more basics
* Stretch marks?: Nope, fingers crossed it stays that way
* Sleep?: Not the greatest, I can't seem to stay asleep
* Best moment this week? Feeling some movement and when I put my hand on my belly I felt a kick to my hand! So amazing!
* Movement?: Getting stronger and more frequent each and every day. See above.
* Food cravings?: Coca Cola, chocolate chip cookies
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Still in but slowly stretching its way out
* What I miss: Being able to take medication when sick. Tylenol doesn't solve everything!
* What I'm looking forward to: Starting to buy things for baby and also Christmas
* Words of Wisdom: I don't have anything this week :(

Thursday, November 19, 2009

18 Week Survey!

So I thought I would finally start to do these since I am almost halfway there! Wow how the time flies. Monday we go in for the big U/S to find out what we are going to have, yay! And sorry for this being a day late, I will try harder next week to put it out on the right day;)

* How far along?: 18 weeks!
* Total weight gain: around 10lbs
* How big is baby?: About 5.5 inches and close to 7 ounces
* Sex: We find out on Monday!!! So excited!!
* Maternity clothes?: Yes for most pants but still wearing my normal shirts
* Stretch marks?: Nope
* Sleep?: I get up to pee a few times a night and now I have a hard time falling asleep, just can't seem to find a comfortable position :(
* Best moment this week? Finally feeling slightly like my old self again, the nausea seems to have finally subsided (fingers crossed, knock on wood)
* Movement?: I think I am starting to feel little movements here and there, not entirely sure though.
* Food cravings?: Coca Cola (weird as I never liked any sort of pop before)
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Still in but slowly stretching, looks weird
* What I miss: Sushi and white wine
* What I'm looking forward to: U/S on Monday
* Words of Wisdom: Take it easy, and drink plenty of fluids when you feel a cold coming on. Seriously saved me earlier this week.

Friday, October 30, 2009

We heard a heartbeat!!!

Sorry for not posting sooner, I just was so nervous that I didn't think I should post until it felt more real.

Today I went to see my doctor as I had been feeling under the weather the last few days with odd cramps and such and he told me it sounds like the stomach flu. I guess there is a nasty bug going around right now and I must have caught it.

After that he pulled out a doppler and got me to lay down on the exam table. Within seconds I could hear the baby's heartbeat, it was wonderful! I immediately started to cry. I was so scared he wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat, it made me feel so good to know that little baby Gray is doing just great. Hubbs and I both smiled for a good long while after the appointment.

The heartbeat was 140 which he said was great, right where it should be. I am just so happy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Pregnant!!!

Details to come later.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Total Wash

I have no hope for this cycle ending in a BFP. I am currently in the 2WW and swear AF is on her way right on schedule again this month. We weren't able to connect much at all, especially not around O time. I'm hating not being able to take full advantage of my fertile window. Fingers crossed next month will go better.

In honor of the long weekend here in Canada, I am enjoying some much needed fun in the sun and cold drinks. Hope everything else's weekend is going well.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Weekend

This weekend has been great! The weather has been super HOT which I love. I got some sun and am now a little red in the arms and chest, oops. I bought hubs some remote control airplanes as a belated birthday gift and he's been playing with them ever since. After the fun in the sun, we went out for chinese for dinner, yum yum! I was so stuffed but it was so worth it!

Today I got to sleep in, missed church, another oops. I've got some light cleaning to do and then I will be able to relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend. Here's a picture of some beautiful flowers I bought from the Farmer's Market yesterday. I love them so much, and such a steal at only $2.50 for the bunch!

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shredding Away

I started the 30 Day Shred again but this time I have stuck with it. I am currently on day 5 today and have not taken a day off yet. I am so proud of myself, I usually start things and then don't finish them. So far I have noticed a big difference in my arms and hips, both look to be smaller and clothes in that area are fitting looser. I am really happy with the results I have gotten in the last 4 days that it is my motivation to not give up and stick with it til the end!

In related news, I am hoping that this will help me get pregnant. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I figure that at least if I get healthier, it will be alot easier to conceive. I have also changed my eating habits and am drinking around 3-4L of water a day. I have cut out all other drinks and boy have I noticed a difference in my skin's texture. I am sure this will be something I can continue forever.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


To start this off, these are solely my opinions and no one else's.

I give the Bruno movie two thumbs down. It was so offensive there were parts were I felt physically upset by it all. This movie was 100 times worse then the Borat one. Even hubs couldn't believe some of the things being said and viewed. This movie should be rated R. I saw kids in the audience and could not believe their parents would allow them to see such a thing. I hated it!

After that horrible experience, I went and stopped by the Shopper's near our house to pick up some concealer as I was running low. After chatting up the cosmetics lady, she gave me a bunch of samples. One of those said samples was for Shisheido, the Skincare. OMG, I am in love with this stuff. I was already on the lookout for some new skincare routine as the one I am currently following is a huge fail. This stuff though was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It was super moisturizing without making my face look greasy and very gentle on my sensitive skin. There was absolutely no redness whatsoever after going through the routine. When I woke up this morning, my skin still looked nice and dewy and feels amazingly soft. I am heading back there after hitting up the Farmer's Market this morning to pick up the full size version of this stuff!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Date Night!

Since the hubs is back home, we are going to go out for a nice Friday night date. On the agenda for this date is a little dinner at Red Robin courtesy of the in-laws - thank you! and then a movie. Hubs is dying to go see Bruno and since I don't see anything of interest playing at the local theatre, I gave in. I know this isn't going to be my type of movie, but if it is anything like Borat, I am sure it will at least be funny.

Other than that, yay for being Friday and tomorrow being the weekend! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1 more night!

I can't wait! Hubs gets back tomorrow morning at 10. He's been gone for 12 days visiting family back in Ontario. I have missed him so much! The longest we have been apart is 5 days, and this was more than double that. I have to go pick him up from the airport and then head right to work. :( I wish I could take the day off and just spend it with him, not going to happen though.

I have a big surprise for him when I pick him up. I made him this giant 'Welcome Home' card with a box of his favorite chocolates. He's such a romantic, he will love it. I'd show you a picture but hubs has the camera with him. 1 more sleep, squee!!! Also, I will finally get a proper night's sleep after this whole time, I suck at sleeping alone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anniversary Numero Deux

In honour of our second anniversary, since Hubs was out of town for it, we will be taking a trip at the end of the summer instead. I have been scouring the interwebs for a good place to mark our 2 years of being happily married and boy did I find it. I present to you, the Cathedral Mountain Lodge.

I am so in love with this place, I cannot wait to go there. It's in the Rockies and has the most amazing views. When hubs and I moved out here to BC we drove through that area and spent one night in Canmore. We decided then that we will have to retire somewhere like that.

So we are booked in for a weekend in September and I could not be happier. I spent our actual anniversary at home alone since hubs was back in Ontario for a family visit so this is a much better way to spend it. Hopefully we will be expecting by then, and then we will have a completely different reason to celebrate!
Welcome to my blog.

I'm Niki, and I am married to my very best friend. There are 2 things that I am certain of; first, that I love my hubs more than anything, and second, we are so ready to start a family. We are currently on our 6th cycle officially trying with a BFP on cycle 2. Unfortunately the BFP turned out to be a chemical pregnancy, but that certainly has not slowed us down on our journey to parenthood. I am so excited to get pregnant and change this family of 2 to 3!