Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1 more night!

I can't wait! Hubs gets back tomorrow morning at 10. He's been gone for 12 days visiting family back in Ontario. I have missed him so much! The longest we have been apart is 5 days, and this was more than double that. I have to go pick him up from the airport and then head right to work. :( I wish I could take the day off and just spend it with him, not going to happen though.

I have a big surprise for him when I pick him up. I made him this giant 'Welcome Home' card with a box of his favorite chocolates. He's such a romantic, he will love it. I'd show you a picture but hubs has the camera with him. 1 more sleep, squee!!! Also, I will finally get a proper night's sleep after this whole time, I suck at sleeping alone.

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