Thursday, December 17, 2009

22 Week Survey!

* How far along?: 22 weeks!
* Total weight gain: No idea, and honestly, with the holidays here and there being sweets out everywhere I go, I don't really want to know!
* How big is baby?: 11 inches and 1 lb!! Holy cow this baby is growing like CRAZY!
* Sex: Girl! :)
* Maternity clothes?: Heck yes!
* Stretch marks?: Still nothing
* Sleep?: Horrible! This week one of my cats decided that at 1am and 3am he would meow outside our bedroom door until I get up and play with him. Not cool Bob.
* Best moment this week? Tomorrow is the weekend!! One more work Christmas party and then some time to relax.
* Movement?: Getting more and more and not just at night.
* Food cravings?: Sweets and fresh lemons!
* Labor signs?: Nope
* Belly button in or out?: Looking weirder and weirder every day.
* What I miss: A nice cold glass of White Wine!
* What I'm looking forward to: Getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done this week. Finally.
* Words of Wisdom: Hormones have a mind of their own.

Please ignore the gross outfit/look on my face, I had just been woken up.

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