Thursday, November 19, 2009

18 Week Survey!

So I thought I would finally start to do these since I am almost halfway there! Wow how the time flies. Monday we go in for the big U/S to find out what we are going to have, yay! And sorry for this being a day late, I will try harder next week to put it out on the right day;)

* How far along?: 18 weeks!
* Total weight gain: around 10lbs
* How big is baby?: About 5.5 inches and close to 7 ounces
* Sex: We find out on Monday!!! So excited!!
* Maternity clothes?: Yes for most pants but still wearing my normal shirts
* Stretch marks?: Nope
* Sleep?: I get up to pee a few times a night and now I have a hard time falling asleep, just can't seem to find a comfortable position :(
* Best moment this week? Finally feeling slightly like my old self again, the nausea seems to have finally subsided (fingers crossed, knock on wood)
* Movement?: I think I am starting to feel little movements here and there, not entirely sure though.
* Food cravings?: Coca Cola (weird as I never liked any sort of pop before)
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: Still in but slowly stretching, looks weird
* What I miss: Sushi and white wine
* What I'm looking forward to: U/S on Monday
* Words of Wisdom: Take it easy, and drink plenty of fluids when you feel a cold coming on. Seriously saved me earlier this week.

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