Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 Months...

So this post is a couple weeks later, but at least I am writing it ;)

As of 5 months:
  • you are able to sit unassisted. She never really did the whole tripod thing
  • making some super strange noises, one of them being a sort of worried squeal, more like a real whine. It's pretty pathetic, but still cute
  • know how to put her soother properly in her mouth all on her own
  • have learned how to undo the velcro on her diapers... must have bottoms on at all times because of this new found talent
  • you are strictly a breastmilk baby, still no solids
  • still not sleeping through the night! your sleep schedule is pretty much 10pm - 9am with one wake up in the middle of the night around 3am to snack
  • your naps during the day are practically non-existent! If you do choose to give me a break, it is only for about 30 minutes at most, maybe twice a day (With the exception of when we are in the car)
  • you are a true water baby! you light up whenever you are put in the pool. I cannot wait to start swimming lessons with you next month!
  • you are completely obsessed with your Sophie to the point where you cry when I take her away to put you down for a nap
  • and finally, you battled your very first cold this month, lasting 10 long days. My poor little congested baby :(

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Lolo said...

Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous!! Love that 3rd pic of her..such a happy baby :)