Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1 Year...(a month and a bit late)

I'm so behind, but at least I am getting this done, better late than never!

As of 12 months, Brianna:

  • weighed in at a whopping 23lbs and is just over 32 inches tall!
  • runs around like crazy, my child never stops moving
  • can say mama, dada, baba (bottle), buh (bunny), ki-y (kitty), buh-bye, nigh nigh (night night), up, yeah... she mumbles some other things but these are her solid words
  • she can undress herself when we get her ready for her night time bath, and in the morning out of her pj's
  • takes 3-8oz bottles a day, sometimes she takes a 4th if she's extra cranky
  • no longer takes a soother
  • her best friend is her $7 Wal-Mart Easter bunny, she doesn't eat or go anywhere without it
  • can go and pick up different toys if we ask her to. If we ask her to go get Bunny, she can go and get it, same with her bottle, blankie, all sorts of things.
  • sometimes refuses her nap and will go without a nap all day long! On those days, she sleeps from around 7pm to 8am
  • sleep is still a tough one, she likes to stay up late and sleep in late. I've been working with her the last week and trying to keep a consistent bed time and wake up time
  • her hair has grown like crazy, she's got so much of it now
  • wears anywhere from the 6-12, 12 and 12-18 clothing depending on what it is, and many of her summer dresses from last year (3-6m) is fitting her as loose, flowy tops this year
I believe that is all her updates. I probably left a ton out but you get the idea. She's doing great, if only we could get her sleep to improve, but if that's my only complaint, I think we're doing good. Here are a couple of her 12 month shoot and her birthday.


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