Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adventures in Finding Daycare

& other things that go along with it.

So we have started the search for a daycare for Bri. I contacted the child care referral service in our city, got a list of day cares that matched the days and hours I needed, and then I threw a huge ol' fit. The list they sent me was for daycares in the worst area of the city, like gang neighbourhoods where your next door neighbour is most probably a drug dealer, and there have been a couple drive-by shootings. Seriously? You think these centres are suitable for my 9 month old daughter? Not the best way to start my search, that's for sure.

After my major freak out and meltdown, my friend who just recently found out she herself is pregnant, offered to watch Bri at her house until I could find something else, or until she got so pregnant she'd have to stop. This sounded like the best idea, so we made a date for a try-out to see how Bri would react to spending an entire day there. Let's just say, it was probably the worst day ever in Bri's short 9 and a half month life. The girl didn't have a single maternal bone in her body. I was crushed, I really thought this would be it.

After that, I made a couple phone calls to some in home daycares after speaking to a couple moms in my area and was told all of them were currently full and not accepting any more children at this time. So basically back to square one, once again.

I remembered this one lady who would visit my work all the time, and the kids she would watch always seemed pretty happy and to like her alot so I decided to find out her name, look her up, and give her a call to see where that would get me. Seems she is watching another little 13-month old girl right now, and she's looking for a second baby to watch. Ding Ding Ding! I immediately told her I'd love to meet with her to sit down and talk about this whole thing. Clint and I are meeting with her this Friday, and I could not be happier! I have the best feeling about this whole thing, and the thought of having her watch Bri doesn't leave me nervous at all.

Fingers crossed all works out on Friday and I can cross this off my list.

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