Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 Months

And now we are into the double digits!

As a 10 month old, you are
  • taking one nap a day somewhere between 12 and 2pm everyday depending on how tired you are.
  • have cut back on your solid meals for the last little while, preferring to breastfeed with all the teething you have going on. Last check of your mouth showed about 7 teeth all coming in at once, making you a not so happy camper :(
  • wearing 6-9 month, and 12 month clothing for the most part. Some pants are 18 months just because I figured I'd get more use out of them for you since they are a little longer than the 12's.
  • wave at your daddy all the time.
  • know how to get down off or bed or the couch feet first without falling. You turn around, put one leg over at a time, such a smarty pants!
  • can finally hold and drink from your sippy cup properly.
  • walking more and more each day. You still crawl when you want to get somewhere fast, but you take on average 10-12 steps at a time before you drop down and need to get back up.
  • squatting is your favorite way to sit and play with your toys. You squat and then stand and squat and stand over and over.
  • have become quite the temper tantrum queen. If we take something away from you that you shouldn't be playing with, you don't waste any time letting us know how mad that makes you.
We've got most of the birthday planning done, just a few small details and we should be all set. Can't believe the planning has begun, less then 2 months and you'll be a whole year old!

In other news, my official start date back at work is March 7th, so 2 more weeks :( I'm going to miss being home with Bri so much it's seriously giving me some anxiety. Hopefully it's a smooth transition for both you and I.

And onto the fun pictures :)

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~*Sammie y Gary*~ said...

Happy ten months!!

Good luck with your transition back to work. I'm sure you'll find a routine that works just great for you :-)