Sunday, June 27, 2010

She's Discovered Her Hands!

My little girl has found her hands! I love that when she learns something new, I can be here to catch it. This week it's her hands. She shoves them in her mouth, opens and closes them in front of her face, looks down at them, it just amazes me how smart she is. Earlier in the week she grabbed a toy that was in front of her during tummy time and pulled it right up to her face to stare at it. She's also trying to shove toys and whatever objects she can get her hands on into her mouth...although she misses her mouth by a mile, she still tries very hard and then gets frustrated when it doesn't make it in there. It is pretty cute!

I still haven't caught her roll over on the camcorder. Every time I whip it out she won't do it and then when I put it down, she rolls. She must know that I want to capture the moment, she already has quite the little attitude ;) Just today she was having a fit when I didn't whip my boob out quick enough, so I turned her to face me and said something along the lines of "Someone is quite the diva" and she looked at me all angry like and stomped her foot down on my leg. Should be interesting!

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