Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Back!

We got back from Ontario late Saturday night. Clint and I were both so pleased and surprised at how well behaved Brianna was for both flights and car rides. The only hiccup we had was when we were driving from the airport to Clint's parent's house (4 hour drive which took us closer to 6) and she started to scream and cry the last 20 minutes or so due to hunger. Not bad at all for her first big trip. This whole thing made me feel tons better about the flights I will be taking her on alone in August to visit my family and attend a friend's wedding.

Unfortunately, when we got there Clint's mom was in Minneapolis due an emergency with his grandfather. They had to rush him down there in an ambulance late Friday night but in the end everything turned out fine. Clint was so happy to be able to see his grandpa for what will most probably be the last time. I'm so glad he will have that, he really needed to go down there and visit and also introduce Brianna to her great-grandfather.

With Brianna being the first girl, everyone spoiled her rotten and fought over who got to hold her next. She is loved by many this little one. We got to visit with a couple of friends, see alot of family and do some shopping too. I also was able to get my hair done by my old hairdresser which was great, I love that she darkened my hair and made it so much easier to style in the AM. Overall, it was a great little vacation. Only wish it would have lasted longer.

Here are some pictures taken while down there.

Our little "boxer"

Clint, Brianna and I

Great Grandpa, Grandma, Clint and Brianna...4 generations

My SIL, MIL, Brianna and I

Myself, Brianna and Clint

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