Monday, May 24, 2010

Things That Make Life Easier

I always loved reading these when I was pregnant, so here is my own list of items that have made things easier for myself and Brianna in the last 6 weeks.

1) The Sleepy Wrap
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Not only am I able to get my day to day things done with her attached to me, when she is especially fussy, I plop her in and she's out like a light within a couple minutes. This thing is magic, I love it and now that I have it, couldn't live without it. Totally recommend this or any other wrap type carrier.

2) Bravado Nursing Bra
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This bra is amazing! It keeps me comfortable throughout the day and makes feeding Brianna a breeze. It costs a little more than other nursing bras but I believe it is so worth the extra expense.

3) Kiddopotomus Fleece Swaddling Blankets / Swaddle Designs Wearable Blankets
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Brianna started off in the Kiddopotomus swaddlers and has graduated to the wearable blankets. In the beginning, she really loved to be swaddled and have her arms against her body as she would startle herself awake if they weren't pinned down against her body. Now that she prefers to have her arms free during sleep, we have been using the wearable blankets. We love these for at night to keep her warm.

4) Aden & Anais Muslin Wraps / Swaddle Designs Swaddling Blankets
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These are perfect for walks to keep her covered in the stroller or when she's in her car seat in the back of the car. These keep out the sunlight while still letting a breeze reach her. Super lightweight, multi purpose item right here!

5) Carter's Sleep 'n Plays
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Love, love, love these! This is all she will sleep in. Not only cute, but well made, easy to undo clasps for late night changes, super cute designs & styles and excellent prices. These fit her great.

6) Mam Pacifiers
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Once she was done using the gumdrops which the hospital gave us, she took to these. I love the designs and she keeps these in her mouth really well which means no crying :)

7) Fisher Price Swing
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Although I am not a huge fan of this thing, Brianna loves it. Whenever I can't keep her in my arms or I need to put her down for a quick minute, this is what I use. She stays entertained for the most part.

8) Nursing Pillow
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When we first started breastfeeding, I had a hard time getting comfortable while using this. Now that she's a little larger, this works great. It gives my arms and break and keeps her comfortable while she's chowing down.

9) Organic Burp Cloths
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These are AMAZING! I use them to burp her, keep on the bottom of her car seat in case of blowouts, as a head rest on her change table in our bedroom, just about anything really. They are super absorbent and soft. I bought them off Etsy from a fellow Montrealer. (Seller is Organic Quilt Company)

10) Blackberry...aka the Crackberry
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Keeps me from going insane when I am home all day with Brianna and want to talk or text my friends and family. Also, I use it to take pictures when we are out and about without the camera.

Sure I could add tons more to this list, but these are my essentials for right now. Hope this helps someone!

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