Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Good News

So next Saturday we will be flying to Ontario to visit Clint's family. This was sort of a last minute idea as his parents were originally supposed to come down and visit us but at this time, it just isn't a possibility. His grandparents aren't doing all that great, his grandfather has cancer and is 91 years old and his grandmother just suffered a heart attack. Because they live so close to Clint's parents, his mom has been there every weekend taking care of them and driving them to Minneapolis and Duluth for their many doctors appointments. With us flying out there to see them, Clint can visit with his grandparents and aunts and uncles who would of otherwise not seen Brianna for quite some time and his parents can still be around for his grandparents if need be.

I am not going to lie, I am pretty nervous about flying with a 1-month old. I am so happy that I won't be alone though for the long flights. We fly into Vancouver and that's about a hour and a half flight, then we fly out to Winnipeg and that's about a 3 hour flight. We get in pretty late on Saturday so we are overnighting in the hotel next to the airport and then driving the 4 hours to get to Clint's parents house in Ontario the next morning. I really hope she likes planes and long car rides, I don't think I will be able to handle a screaming/crying baby for that long with not being able to pick her up and hold her.

And then there is the whole thing about what to bring and pack for the trip. I am such an over packer, but I can't be with her, we can't take her entire nursery with us. I need to ask some other moms and see what they think I will need.

In other unrelated news, Clint might be getting a huge job promotion!! One of the sales guys quit yesterday and Clint jumped on that right away. They have already talked to his manager about him taking over that position. With me being home for a year, and only making about 50% of my regular pay check, this will be awesome if he were to get it. Not only will the hours be better and he will have more freedom, but he will be making ALOT more, and be bringing in commission as well. We are in desperate need of a new vehicle, the Jetta is slowly dying on us and we also are in need of new couches in the living room. We haven't bought new furniture in over 5 years, and the couches are the first things we need to replace. The corner cushion hits the floor since the springs have gone, so not cool! So hopefully all things work out and this job comes through for him, it would be an answer to our prayers.

And of course, a picture of Brianna because I really can't resist! (by the way, Clint thought this was the funniest thing ever!)

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