Tuesday, October 12, 2010

6 Months Old!!!!

How did this happen?? My itty bitty baby is half a year old! I swear I was just being admitted to the hospital like yesterday. So crazy, the last month has just flown by! I need to find a way to slow down or freeze time.

In the last month, we have experience all sorts of new and exciting milestones, so let's get to that.
  • You are currently 17lbs, 13oz and 27in...following your growth curve quite nicely (and I thought you weren't getting enough from me, ha!)
  • You can wear anywhere between 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing
  • You started doing the army crawl as of last week, and with each passing day, you become stronger, faster and more confident in this new ability
  • You are still 100% on breastmilk, but will be starting rice cereal this weekend (I am both excited and saddened by this one)
  • You still love your baths. It is probably the one time during the day where you are all smiles from start to finish
  • You are still my toothless baby. Some days I swear I can feel some bumps on your lower gum, and then others I feel nothing.
  • You are a champion sitter. You hardly ever topple over these days.

We are loving this new stage that you are in right now. You are such a happy baby, love to explore now that you are mobile, and get into things you shouldn't. We need to start baby proofing the living room and your room. I caught you staring down the outlets the other day and slowly moving towards them. Not cool! We are off to shop for your high chair this week, and get you started on solids this weekend. Hopefully you do well and love the new flavours and textures.

Sleep is something that we have to work on. You have been co-sleeping with us since we took you home from the hospital. You sleep well in your crib for naps but need to get you in there full time. I'm also excited to finish off your nursery, the progress pretty much came to a halt when we had you. I will post pictures of that when it is all decorated and complete.

And now, here are some pictures of you on this 6 month birthday!

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