Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Start of Solids!

So we started solids on Sunday. I'm not really sure what she thinks so far.

We started off with the staple first food, rice cereal mixed with some breastmilk. First day was just OK, second day seemed to go horribly, and the third day went really well. Proud of how well she was progressing, I went out and bought some organic apples and carrots to make my own purees. After 2 hours of peeling, chopping, boiling, blending and dividing, my little trays of delicious fruits and veggies were ready for the freezer.

Enter this morning when we moved along to pureed apples, my babe HATES apples. I mean, you put a little spponful into her mouth and she immediately pushes it back out and makes a sour face. You'd think the sweet tasting sauce was lemon juice! So disappointed. I only hope they start to grow on her. Who doesn't like apples???

I hope to do 3 days on each new food, and if no bad reaction, move onto the next. I'm hoping to get to all the fruits and veggies that are good this time of year. I'd prefer to stay local and organic for as much as I can, but realize being in Northern BC limits me quite a bit.

I'll post the sour face video tomorrow as I think it is hilarious. I can see it coming out at her wedding one day too. lol

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