Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 Months!!!

How did my little baby get to be 2/3 of a year old??? The last 8 months have honestly flown right by. I can't think to another time in my life where the time has gone by just as fast. I really wish time could stand still some days!

Here are your accomplishments thus far.
  • an expert at crawling
  • pulls up on anyything and everything, shimmies along furniture and is now trying to stand sans support
  • claps her hands together when excited
  • instead of improving, sleep has gotten worse!
  • prefers jarred food over homemade ...sigh
  • refuses to take a bottle or sippy cup
  • has officially transitioned to big girl baths, no more baby tub
  • hair is growing in like crazy, and coming in blonde!
  • no longer my toothless wonder, 2 bottom teeth have popped through (both within a couple days of each other)
  • preferred way to communicate is growling
  • this close to saying uh-oh! and still refuses to say mama :(
I could not be a prouder mommy. We have her pedi appointment this afternoon, so I'll know her weight and height then.

Stats are:
29.5" long, 17 3/4" head circumference, 19lbs 7oz (Length = above percentile 95, Weight = between percentile 50 and 75, Head Circumference = between percentile 75 and 90)

Here are the necessary monthly photos.

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