Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heading Back to Work

*Warning, this is a boo-hoo me post.

Our plan had always been for me to stay home and raise however many kids we ended up having, but with some things that have come up within the last month or so, it looks like the plan for now will have to involve me returning to work. Insert super sad face right here.

In all honesty, I think this is even harder since I never really saw myself having to go back in the first place, so my whole system is in complete shock right now. The good news, if there is any, is that my employers have decided to give me a raise and a new position, which if I absolutely need to head back, makes it a little more bearable.

I have absolutely no clue how moms deal with this whole leaving your child to go to work. I know I sound super melodramatic, but I have never left her for more than 2 hours, and the few times she was left with someone, it was either with family or my best friend who nannied during university and is now a teacher.

& since I've only recently come to the conclusion that I'll be returning to work, every daycare centre/in-house daycare I've called is currently full. GREAT. Hopefully I find someone soon.

/End vent

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