Friday, April 9, 2010

Clumsy and Pregnant Don't Mix

So I fell on my stomach Wednesday after leaving my weekly doctor's appointment. I was really craving some sushi (the veggie kind) and decided to have Clint drive me to the closest sushi restaurant so I could run in and get something. Well leave it to me, on a rainy day where the sidewalks and roads are slippery to fall of the edge of the sidewalk right next to our car and land straight on my belly.

Who doesn't put their hands out in front of them or even land on their knees?!?!?!?

Me! I landed right on the belly and immediately started bawling on the street corner. I picked myself up and got right back in the car, mud covered and soaking wet and through my tears told Clint to take me to Labour and Delivery right away. He was so confused and looked so scared the poor guy. I even had mud on my face, it was a very wet day.

We get there, they hook me up, they monitor me for about 2 hours and all looks good. Baby is moving around like crazy and all I have are a couple cuts on my hands and legs from getting up off the ground so quickly and a little of a bruised ego. Apparently, with having so much weight up front, many pregnant women fall. I just happen to be one of them, yay me.

They also told me that the cramps I had been feeling are actual contractions. They were pretty irregular but lasted the whole time I was hooked up to the monitors. As soon as we left the hospital, they stopped. I have had some here and there the last couple days since but nothing that has been regular or lasted longer than a couple hours. Fingers are crossed this means labour is just around the corner.

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