Saturday, January 16, 2010

26 Weeks...A Few Days Late

* How far along?: 26 weeks
* Total weight gain: No idea
* How big is baby?: 13 inches and 1 2/3 lb!!
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Of course
* Stretch marks?: Nothing so far
* Sleep?: Not great but I think I am getting used to it
* Best moment this week? This definitely isn't the best moment but a moment that stands out in my mind. I was helping a customer at my desk and turned away to sneeze. Well let's just say not only did I let a little sneeze out, I peed a little too, so not cool. I guess I have lost control of my bladder :(
* Movement?: TONS! This little one likes to stretch out and kick! Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and for most of the day I had a pain in my side from her constant hard kicking. I can't believe how strong she is getting already!
* Food cravings?: Nothing really this week
* Labor signs?: None
* Belly button in or out?: Continuing to get stretched out and more shallow
* What I miss: Walking up the stairs at work and not being short of breath and feeling like I ran a marathon haha. I feel like the most out of shape person ever
* What I'm looking forward to: Packing this week and moving next weekend!! I will be at work so I won't actually need to move anything, yay!
* Words of Wisdom: Get the sleep in now, while it is still somewhat possible

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