Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Slight Scare... & Some Good News

Earlier this week I had to go into the doctor when I freaked myself out after reading some things on google. I had been having unusual "sensations" down bellow and thought that I was contracting and my cervix was opening up. Turns out all is fine and it is just the normal stretching and nothing to worry about. The doctor told me to step away from Google and just come in next time instead of scaring myself. In the 12 hours or so I had to over think everything and look it up online, I had gone from nervous to completely freaked out....not good at all.

I did get to hear the beautiful heartbeat again though, she's measuring and 150 bpm and he said I am measuring right on track! Makes me so happy that all is well with my little Brianna and I am still amazed at how fast time is going by, just a little over 100 days now! :) My doctor also decided it was time for me to get my GD testing done so off I went to the lab to drink that wonderful orange drink, sit and wait for an hour ( unprepared by the way, it was soooo boring with nothing to read and sans cell phone :( ) and then have my blood drawn. They told me results would be in within 24 hours and since I haven't heard anything back I am guessing no news is good news!

On the nursery front, we have started to narrow down our list of possible furniture and also registered on BRU for his side of the family. I found it so weird going and selecting items that we would like for people to buy for us. I know it makes it easy on family and friends, but still feels a little strange asking for specific things.

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