Thursday, February 11, 2010

30 Weeks

* How far along?: 30 weeks, 10 to go! OMG
* Total weight gain: Will find out Monday
* How big is baby?: 15.5 " and 3lbs
* Sex: Baby Brianna
* Maternity clothes?: Of course
* Stretch marks?: Same as before, they aren't growing or anything... yet
*Sleep?: Close to non existent, and if I do sleep, I don't feel nearly as rested as I should the next day
* Best moment this week? Started to order a couple things here and there
* Movement?: Lots of movement
* Food cravings?: Spicy food!
* Labor signs?: No!
* Belly button in or out?: Pretty sure it has stopped changing, it's like a little shallow bowl now
* What I miss: Energy, my good mood, patience...the list could go on and on!
* What I'm looking forward to: Meeting the babe, 7 weeks minimum if she decides to wait til full term (which I hope she does)
* Words of Wisdom: Take the compliments when you get them, because there will be just as many rude comments or more than the nice ones

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I know I look horrible but this was taken after an extra long day at work and it was right before I hopped in the shower before bed. Please don't judge!

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