Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Firsts

Let me introduce you to the Sassy Seat. My daughter loves this thing! I am so happy that I convinced Clinton we needed to get this for her. She loves to be held up, and this does it for us without having her be in our arms. I love that I can put her in it in the morning when I am doing my hair and makeup. It can keep her entertained and happy for a good 30 minutes. Love this!!

Oh, and can we talk about how cute she is when she is making out with the mirror. This girl loves her reflection! She went all out the first time she saw her face in the mirror and full on sucked that thing for a good 5 minutes all while squealing and laughing. I only wish I had gotten it on video.

Also, I went for a walk with my friend and Brianna sat in her stroller without the car seat! She is getting so big, she loved being in there looking out the front instead of always just looking up at me.

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Kelly said...

Too cute!!! I can't believe how big she is getting! Looks like I need to shop for a bouncer thingy for Gabriel now.