Monday, July 26, 2010

Where Has All The Milk Gone??

In recent weeks, my milk supply has started to tank and I have had to supplement with formula. I have not been happy about this one bit. My whole plan was to EBF until she was 6 months, then introduce solids while still breastfeeding until at least a year. Well, that plan may have to go out the window, we are having some major supply issues.

In order to try and up my supply, I went out and rented a hospital grade breast pump which is costing me a small fortune but I thought if it helped with the cause, why not. So far, my supply is still the same, and doesn't show any signs of increasing soon. I get maybe 1-3 oz a session, and that is combined with both sides, not just one! Brianna is eating close to 5oz at a time and I am getting nowhere near that. I don't even have a stash, she just goes through what I pump way too quickly. And, for some reason, she refuses to nurse during the daytime. She is fine first thing in the morning and at night, but during the day, no way. She screams and contorts her little body and just plain refuses to take the breast. It is so frustrating, and certainly doesn't help matters one bit. I am not mentally ready to stop breastfeeding, but it might be what is best for us. She takes formula fine, doesn't mind it at all. Besides, these days she is getting formula and being supplemented with breast milk it seems. It might be the solution to making us all alot happier.

It's just that I feel guilt even considering throwing in the towel even though I know I gave her 3.5 months worth of breastmilk. She had a good start, maybe this will be good. I just don't know how much longer I can go on pumping most of the day and getting nowhere. I'm also missing out on quality time with her due to the pumping marathons. Oh mommy guilt, so glad we could be formally introduced :P

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Cherie said...

Just came over to your blog from Cherie Hogan Photography (that's me!)
Did you know that your doctor can write you a prescription to increase your milk supply... I can't remember what its called, it starts with an R I think. But anyway, that's what a lot of women have to do!