Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wonderful Day At The Park

The Gray family had a great Canada Day! We spent most of the morning and afternoon in the park walking around and checking out all the great tents. Some people are just so darn crafty! I found some more really cute hair clips for her at one that I cannot wait to put in her hair.

We stopped in at the museum where I work (when not on mat leave) and I was able to chat with a few co-workers and show off my little princess. It's so nice to see them every once in a while, I really do miss working with adults every day. After that we headed to Earl's for lunch with a friend where I had my very first drink in almost a year. That margarita hit me harder than any other drink I think I have ever had, I couldn't even finish it!

So far this evening we have spent it on the couch as a family watching 'The Office' DVDs. I am so late on this one, what a funny show! I think I have been laughing for at least an hour. There are fireworks going on tonight, just not sure if we will make it out, they start at 11. Either way, we have had a great day and now I have a sleeping Brianna on my chest :)

Here are some pictures from the day.

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